My Story

I've spent a lot of time fixing things. I want to use that experience to build better products.

Personal Side

(otherwise known as how much I'm willing to embarrass myself)

I spent the first half of my life in the country side. I was a Boy Scout and I fished at a creek at the edge of town. I worked on my dad's farm and delivered flowers for my mom's florist. Then I spent the next half of my life in a big city, NYC. I met a lot of weird people and did a lot of unusual things. I'm not sure I can discuss it all here, but I definitely learned a lot about life. Now I'm in the Bay Area, which I find to be the perfect blend between the two halves of my life. I'm learning even more than I thought possible, and I wake up each morning grateful to be here.

I love to write and to travel. I like to improve on things, whether it be how my desk is laid out or how best to upgrade systems at work. I enjoy talking to people and learning from their experiences. Sometimes I'm intimidated and other times I'm confident, but in the end I just keep on moving forward. When I have some free time I like to take photos, but I try to save the truly magnificent moments in the personal storage of my brain. I stay healthy with the usual exercises, but I'm also intrigued by yoga and meditation. If you throw a ball at me, I will catch it or kick it with pleasure.

"If I'd have known as a child what the life of an adult would've been,
I never could've believed it would be so unfinished."
-John Berger

Professional Side

(otherwise known as the LinkedIn summary section)

Hi there, I’m currently a graduate student at the UC Berkeley School of Information, where my focus is product design and management. In the past I’ve also worked in IT and finance where I’ve had many wonderful opportunities in dealing with the inefficiencies of badly designed products.

There's a common question when dealing with IT issues: did you reboot the system? Well, I decided to do a reboot of my career path after facing the constant struggles in trying to improve these design flaws from an IT role. I realized that I would be more effective if given the chance to focus on the product creation side of the process. This insight motivated my pursuit of a solid foundation in UX design and product management. I'm now able to combine my background in systems administration with a strong user empathy through the process of research, prototyping, and testing. I enjoy approaching problems from a user-centered point of view in order to build on those insights to create and improve on product design in general.

I also appreciate working with a diverse array of people who offer different perspectives into the product design and development process. I believe that learning from critical feedback is a key step towards creating a better system as a whole, which can lead to improved user experiences both for using the product as well as those that are supporting and maintaining it.

"All creative work begins by doing something with the hands.
Creation is simply a problem and design is the way out."
-Charles James