Modify the checkout flow to encourage one-time donors to become monthly contributors.

Overall flow

Process has great donors, teachers, and supporters. The product team wanted to test a few variations in the checkout flow to see what influences a donor to commit to monthly contributions. One test was using an image of a classroom versus one with a celebrity. We included language that explained how the celebrity would make a contribution to a high needs classroom if the donor opted in to recurring donations. Another version of the test looked at the actual interface of the page. We tested options between drop down menus and buttons. The buttons had different variations of dollar amounts and we also altered how the user would navigate to the next page.


We were introducing a new feature into the checkout flow and this required a bit of manual work in the back-end during testing. There was also a concern of not upsetting our donors with anything too unexpected.

My roles

UI/UX Design, A/B Testing, Data Analytics and Presentation, Back-end process support


Working with the checkout flow requires a delicate balance. I have the urge to make sweeping changes at times, but that isn't possible when altering such a crucial part of the site. Incremental changes and proper measurement of results leads to a finer understanding of our users habits and experiences.